December 12, 2009

Tenement thoughts
–to the heart of mind’s arrest,

And below the gallows (on the ocean’s floor),
…Lies one Davey Jones’ chest.

Silent as the water’s calm,
Blackened depths of a depth-charged wake;

Waiting for the switch to be thrown,
For a  BOOM! to the Earth in a mighty Quake!

Meanwhile above on the water’s edge,
Lies a man with a mangled face;

Straw for hair and skin for bones,
Barely dressed to appeal in grace.

Dryness rests upon his tongue
With vultures at his side,

Tales untold for Death to behold
Until there’s a gleam in his eye…


Sing to Me1 By Hate Posessed2,
An Earthly Crown3 – so nicely dressed;
The Sword of Fire4, Born of the Night5,
A wicked dream is this, I write.

Surrender6, to Only the Best7 of thoughts,
A vision emcompassed by those which are not;
Gifts are shadows of a perfect reality,
An ancient Wingman8 fulfills his respective destiny.

A flag defines the power of humanity
Where uncharted boundaries
Set foot on the planets beyond me.

A feather-touch of magick
In the hearts of the right men,
Never lets the spirit die
Only to hear it told again.

From small to big, From big to small,
Only cobblestones are measured,
By the future that is all.

Atoms define us all, by scientific extremity,
But when our future feels the pull,
A mass of strength is wrought
In quantum ingenuity.


1Sing to me of Dreams” – Katheryn-Lynne Davis
2By Hate Posessed” – Maurice Gagnon
3An Earthly Crown” – Kate Elliot
4Sword of Fire and Shadow” – Diana L. Paxson & Adrienne Martine-Barnes
5Born of the Night” – Sherrilyn Kenyon
6Surrender” – Heather Graham
7Only the Best” – Una-Mary Parker
8Wingman” – Mack Maloney


July 26, 2009

New blog, first post.

Memoires from the golden days when my buds an’ I would race to post first on local forums. …so HAH! Beat you all to this one! (the dribbling fool that I am.) *<|:P~ \m/