December 12, 2009

Tenement thoughts
–to the heart of mind’s arrest,

And below the gallows (on the ocean’s floor),
…Lies one Davey Jones’ chest.

Silent as the water’s calm,
Blackened depths of a depth-charged wake;

Waiting for the switch to be thrown,
For a  BOOM! to the Earth in a mighty Quake!

Meanwhile above on the water’s edge,
Lies a man with a mangled face;

Straw for hair and skin for bones,
Barely dressed to appeal in grace.

Dryness rests upon his tongue
With vultures at his side,

Tales untold for Death to behold
Until there’s a gleam in his eye…

War Song – 1994

October 5, 2009

Among the trees, the wind did blow
And for a while, I did not know;
That the cure for the selfishness,
(the disease in this land)
Was right in the palm of my own hand.

Why? Why did they have, to rip and tear,
The spirits of others, living there?
So-called “justice” was to be served;
But in the end, they only got what they
thought was deserved.

Dark and Bright,
Black and White,
The colours in between;
–Do they *really* matter??

–Only togetherness




I walk through the valley of demons,
So I can remember where the good really is.
With a gun at my side and a sword in my back
There’s no runnin’ away from this ol’ pop quiz.

Down through the tunnels of wastelands
Alone with a barrel at my side,
I’m a lone dawg howlin’ at the night sky
With a dream of dead corpses, and everyone’s blood on my hands.

Amphitheatre awaken,
In me a better world;
To Laugh and Cry and Love and Hate
Is in Life, the better Pearl.

Amphibious am I,
To these reprocussions I make;
With cold blood I hold the sword of vengeance,
And deliver this punishment cake.


Sing to Me1 By Hate Posessed2,
An Earthly Crown3 – so nicely dressed;
The Sword of Fire4, Born of the Night5,
A wicked dream is this, I write.

Surrender6, to Only the Best7 of thoughts,
A vision emcompassed by those which are not;
Gifts are shadows of a perfect reality,
An ancient Wingman8 fulfills his respective destiny.

A flag defines the power of humanity
Where uncharted boundaries
Set foot on the planets beyond me.

A feather-touch of magick
In the hearts of the right men,
Never lets the spirit die
Only to hear it told again.

From small to big, From big to small,
Only cobblestones are measured,
By the future that is all.

Atoms define us all, by scientific extremity,
But when our future feels the pull,
A mass of strength is wrought
In quantum ingenuity.


1Sing to me of Dreams” – Katheryn-Lynne Davis
2By Hate Posessed” – Maurice Gagnon
3An Earthly Crown” – Kate Elliot
4Sword of Fire and Shadow” – Diana L. Paxson & Adrienne Martine-Barnes
5Born of the Night” – Sherrilyn Kenyon
6Surrender” – Heather Graham
7Only the Best” – Una-Mary Parker
8Wingman” – Mack Maloney

circadian rhyme

July 28, 2009

Circadian rhyme in circadian time,
Rollin’ all over with the spirits sublime…
Rack-rollin’ obstacles, jumpin’ through hoops;
Flowin’ through space, like an army of troops.
Backlash, whiplash, falling wide,
Tuckin’ & rollin’ to absorb the slide.
Up & down,
From side to side,
Diagonal alleyways, always in time.
Rack-rollin’ obstacles, falling wide,
Rollin’ all over with the spirits of time

the story

July 27, 2009

i once heard the story
a story of a man;
a liar, a cheat,
who did whatever he can.

fantastic tales
of riches and taste
good of looks,
–an incredible waste.

i once heard the story
a story of a fool;
a joker, an accomplice,
the ultimate tool.

wrapped in doubt
imbibed with hate,
both had lives
they’d eventually create.

together a team
of motley ambitions,
never to discover
their absolute objective.

i once heard the story
a story of a prince,
lonely in his castle
installed without his vassals
–a long time since…

old and rickety
his honour remains
true through death’s deception
and incredible disdain.

wrought like an engine,
combustive fire;
pedal to the metal
and ultimate desire.

i once heard the story
a story called “life”
crooked and cranked
full of grief and strife.

i once heard the story
a story of rhyme;
once again i’ll leave it
for yet another time….


July 26, 2009

New blog, first post.

Memoires from the golden days when my buds an’ I would race to post first on local forums. …so HAH! Beat you all to this one! (the dribbling fool that I am.) *<|:P~ \m/